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Need to upgrade your business equipment but are worried about capital expenditure?

A rental agreement can overcome the large up-front capital investment required to purchase equipment. With a monthly payment schedule, a rental agreement overcomes large capital outlays and makes budgeting easier.

Our work begins with an analysis of your requirements, after which we guide you through the process of acquiring the correct solution to be taken.

A Rental agreement provides a cost effective solution to businesses looking to finance your next photocopier and removes the worries about capital expenditure and obsolescence.

You will not risk being stuck with old technology at the end of the term as there are numerous options available; Upgrade to new technology, extend the contract to rent the equipment at a discounted rate for a nominated term, designed to meet the needs of your business. The major reasons why you should consider finance for your equipment:

  1. Optimise your cash flow— purchase the equipment you need today, but spread the payment across its useful life in your business
  2. Maximise your purchasing power— stretch your budget and leverage your buying power by as much as 250% or more
  3. Fix your equipment costs — pay only for what you use and benefit from regular, predictable payments with no hidden surprises
  4. Reduce your equipment costs— avoid the additional costs and risks associated with ownership and the end-of-life disposal of non-core assets