Konica Minolta join WWF in Rhino Conservation

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Konica Minolta join WWF in Rhino Conservation


To our valued customer,

Konica Minolta has been providing South Africans with high quality products for many years. Now they have joined hands with World Wildlife Fund in their efforts to conserve the African Rhino and protect it from poachers.

Over the last three years there has been an increase in rhino poaching in South Africa as the demand for the rhino horn has increased around the world. This is why the WWF African Rhino Programme was established. It aims to increase the rhino population and stamp out rhino poaching.

Konica Minolta will be donating R100 for every bizhub sold in South Africa to the WWF’s Rhino programme within their current financial year. This money will be used by the WWF to pay for veterinary treatments for injured rhinos. Improving the monitoring of rhino populations and increasing rhino range in order for them to breed new populations. Through all these efforts, poaching can be stopped and the rhino population can roam freely and thrive throughout the country.

This compassionate move by Konica Minolta will add to their already very good reputation in the South African market. The customers will be also contributing towards the conservation effort by buying bizhub products and people are always willing to play whatever part they can towards a good cause. Awareness of the problems we face and actually doing something about it should be the goal of all South Africans and business in the country.

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