Available at different speeds, our flexible multifunctional bizhub systems suit offices of all sizes. The comprehensive range includes versatile colour multifunctional devices, award winning colour laser printers, flexible black & white systems, a choice of black & white printers from desktop units to workgroup devices, as well as cost-effective and space-saving all-in-ones.

Colour Copiers & Printers

bizhub C3100P
bizhub C3350i
bizhub C3351
bizhub C3110
bizhub C3851
bizhub C4050i
bizhub C227
bizhub C258
bizhub C250i
bizhub C287
bizhub C308
bizhub C300i
bizhub C368
bizhub C360i
bizhub C458
bizhub C558
bizhub C658
bizhub C759

Black and White Office Systems

bizhub 226
bizhub 227
bizhub 287
bizhub 367
bizhub 458e
bizhub 558e
bizhub 658e
bizhub 758
bizhub 3622
bizhub 4422
bizhub 4052
bizhub 4752
bizhub 3602P
bizhub 4402P
bizhub 4702P