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Company Overview

Trusted technology solution partner for today and beyond.

Konica Minolta Gauteng (KMG) is no average document management company. Keeping relevant in economic times, they provide the products and services to clients that are affordable, specific and realistic, while keeping pace with the very latest advances in technology.

Established in the 80’s as the first Konica Minolta dealership in South Africa, the company has positioned itself as the leading services provider in the office automation industry. Evolving over the past three decades to the changing needs of business, KMG has a dedicated team focused on delivering unsurpassed service and support for their products.

Offering finance for new clients and cost-effective solutions, KMG are able to provide their clients with holistic business solutions. From the initial pre-sale analysis to the installation of high output machinery, the experienced relationship managers of KMG specialise in delivering the best service that integrates client’s infrastructure with management. These managers build and maintain solid relationships with their clients by offering proactive, considerate service, whenever needed.

The hands-on approach of the company is enforced right from the top, with a deeply committed CEO who empowers his team and supports the community. Independent and self-sufficient, the company prides itself on its ability to service all their clients’ needs, in-house. Everything KMG does starts and ends with their phenomenal service… and they happen to sell printers and copiers too.

With an extensive range of digital laser solutions, from entry level to high-end multifunction production machines, KMG can meet the requirements of any business environment. Wireless printing and machines linked to the internet allow for seamless copying, printing and scanning with speed and efficiency.

Konica Minolta Gauteng, a regular industry award winner, is light years ahead of the competition. Based in Midrand, their team of trained technicians, software support and management are always available, ensuring a level of unequalled service. With this kind of excellence, it’s no surprise that Konica Minolta is South Africa’s leader in business automation.

Konica Minolta Gauteng. An authorised dealer of Konica Minolta South Africa.


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