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This article explains what Kupe is, why we believe in your fire and service excellence at Konica Minolta Gauteng.

5 Ways We Believe In Your Fire With Kupe Service Excellence

We live in a world where we aspire to attain service excellence to stand out and leave a lasting impression in a time that relies ...
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multifunctional bizhub systems with Konica Minolta Gauteng

Our Multifunctional Bizhub Systems Fit All Offices And Can Print A4 Or A3 In One

Do you know what the difference between A3 and A4 printers is? If not, you are in the right place! We are here to break ...
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go digital with KMG office supplies at Konica Minolta Gauteng

Go Digital With KMG Office Supplies And Our 3 Amazing Service Partners Now

It is time to go digital with KMG's top-quality SERVICES, SALES, & SOLUTIONS. Find out about our 3 amazing new partners to help you go ...
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introducing paperless printing with iCabinet and Konica Minolta Gauteng

Paperless Printing Is The Intelligent Digital Transformation 2022 Needs Now

Paperless printing is an intelligent document lifecycle management, cloud storage, and retrieval solution that Konica Minolta Gauteng is excited to introduce to all businesses looking ...
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smart cloud services and connectors with Konica Minolta Gauteng

Smart Cloud Services With 6 Productive Benefits That Are As Flexible As Your Phone

IT departments and businesses need smart cloud services. Why? Because we are facing an ever-increasing task complexity. This is a phenomenon that leads to high ...
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flexible office print systems with konica Minolta Gauteng Bizhub B4422

Run Efficient Office Print Systems With The B4422 For Flexible Workflow Solutions

You want to run efficient office print systems to simplify your everyday workflow and ensure a productive workspace. Lucky for you, Konica Minolta Gauteng provides ...
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c558 MFP connects high-productivity at work [Konica Minolta Gauteng]

C558 Bizhub Series Instantly Connects You To Non-Stop, Amazing Productivity

Our incredible C558, C658, and C458 MFP (multi-function printing) colour series provide an outstanding balance of productivity features that expands Konica Minolta Gauteng's A3 product ...
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konica minolta gauteng C257i goes digital

Konica Minolta Gauteng Is Digital With The Amazing Bizhub C257i Plus 4 Benefits

Digitalise your services with the amazing Konica Minolta Gauteng Bizhub C257i from printing to managing your workplace processes. Find out how with these 4 benefits. ...
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printing trends SA, the digital era and advertising with us [Konica Minolta Gauteng]

Printing Trends SA 2022: Targeted Advertising For Better Customer Satisfaction Results

The digital era is the future and printing trends SA are directing targeted advertising and how we keep our customers happy. Develop agility with us! ...
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align your mindset & know when to exit with 10 strategies [konica minolta gauteng]

Align Your Mindset & Know When To Exit With 10 Effective Strategies.

Do you need to align your mindset & cultivate a positive personal and business experience? Learn our 8 effective strategies to staying positive daily.
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Konica Minolta printer management software, AI & Smart Printing [Konica Minolta Gauteng]

Konica Minolta Printer Management Software & 5 Revolutionary Benefits Of Automated Smart Printing

Konica Minolta printer management software products, artificial intelligence, and automated smart printing can change your operations for the better. Konica Minolta Gauteng solves the problems ...
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wireless printing systems for businesses [konica minolta gauteng]

5 Essential Wireless Printing Software Pros For Simple Business Efficiency

Wireless printing has profound benefits and in today's article, we will be talking about them. Although most operations, information, and interactions are being conducted digitally, ...
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bringing colour to life with KMG and Midnight Monkey [konica minolta gauteng]

Bringing Colour To Life With Konica Minolta Gauteng And Midnight Monkey, Plus 4 Bright Ways We Can Make Your Colour Dreams A Reality

Bringing colour to life is what drives the exceptional creativity and services behind the synergistic partnership between Konica Minolta Gauteng and Midnight Monkey. Can you ...
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freedom to choose printing solutions [konica minolta]

Freedom To Choose A Winning Brand In Printing And 5 Ways We’ll Support Your Vision And Budget

Freedom to choose, discern, research, explore, and learn are prime in today's ever-shifting climate. At Konica Minolta Gauteng, we believe in supporting our community through ...
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environmentally friendly printer [konica minolta gauteng]

Environmentally Friendly Printer Plants 20 Trees To Promote A Greener Place, Here’s Why.

Environmentally friendly printer, Konica Minolta Gauteng has a longstanding commitment to greening South Africa and sharing the benefits of trees with communities across the country.
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Sport partnerships are a fantastic way to boost any brand

When we think of sport sponsorships / partnerships, many of us immediately picture big international events and teams, as well ...
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How to identify the best office equipment for your needs

At Konica Minolta Gauteng (KMG) we know that every business is unique. We therefore make it our business to help ...
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Tips for entrepreneurs or new business owners

The past few years have seen a dramatic shift embracing the ‘streaming economy’, start-ups and all types of new businesses. ...
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Celebrating local brand partnerships

KMG Office Supplies, trading as Konica Minolta Gauteng, and Lily Rose Collection prove that diverse brands can always find a ...
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Setting up your office: where to start?

Whether you’re a team of 2 or 202, the way your workspace is set up will have a big impact on productivity and your overall ...
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Top 5 tips to care for your office equipment

Purchasing good quality office equipment will make the difference between seamless productivity or endless frustration in your office. You want to make sure you get ...
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New electronic scoreboard for Wanderers Cricket Club

The cricket section of the Wanderers Club received a new electronic scoreboard for its main oval on January 8 thanks ...
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Birds of a feather

Konica Minolta Gauteng is dedicated to community support and one of our favourite sponsorships is Brainy Birds Parrot Rescue and Rehabilitation centre.
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Looking for refurbished office equipment? Make sure your supplier is reliable.

Many South African companies choose to save costs with demo office equipment. The catch is that poorly refurbished equipment will ...
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Who we are – your office supply partner

Konica Minolta Gauteng, with its head office based in Midrand, has been in operation for over thirty years and was the first Konica Minolta dealership ...
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The future of printing By Jason Kupritz CEO – Konica Minolta Gauteng

I’m often asked what the future of printing looks like, especially with the uptake in digital storage, data transfers and general cloud computing. Here’s my ...
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Common office printer frustrations and how to avoid them.

Most of us have a love-hate relationship with the office printer. On most days we barely think about it as it operates smoothly in the ...
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