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Our Multifunctional Bizhub Systems Fit All Offices And Can Print A4 Or A3 In One

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multifunctional bizhub systems with Konica Minolta Gauteng

Our multifunctional Bizhub systems are extensive office printing systems that can make your entire work cycle more productive and collaborative. Better yet, we can take care of your document and information workflow, so you can concentrate on what you do best – your business!

More importantly, we aim to bust the psychological myth certain clients have when selecting their multifunctional device for their offices’ needs. We find that they assume that because they do not necessarily always print huge volumes of paper – they do not require a floor-standing printing device.

This is however not true, because if you have busy offices with employees using the machine to print then you will not only save money but also save space with these all-in-one systems.

Keep reading this article to explore what our multifunctional Bizhub systems can do for your business, no matter what size you usually print out daily.

Simplify Your Workflow With Our Multifunctional Bizhub Systems

Available at different speeds, our flexible multifunctional Bizhub systems suit offices of all sizes. The comprehensive range includes versatile colour multifunctional devices, award-winning colour laser printers, flexible mono systems, a choice of mono printers from desktop units to workgroup devices, as well as cost-effective and space-saving all-in-one systems.

Clients require office print solutions that support efficient, reliable, cost-effective printing without having to constantly replace ink cartridges and toners, or worrying about printing quality and functionality which can all become expensive.

multifunctional bizhub systems with Konica Minolta Gauteng

To start, ask yourself what does my business need? 

The answer depends on factors ranging from the type of documents you print to the amount of floor space you have available. While every business is different and not all businesses will have the same printing requirements, it is important for business owners to assess their office printer strategy.

Understanding how your business can benefit from more intuitive printing capabilities and investing in the appropriate devices can be a smart business decision, particularly if you rely on the use of complex and detailed visuals.

A3 Or A4, Our Devices Are Always Multifunctional So Go Big Or Go Home

Our multifunctional Bizhub systems offer lightning-fast output speeds and an innovative design that works well in about every business environment.

Better yet, our office print solutions come with a 7-inch touch panel feature that gives users unprecedented control over their devices. Its document management software can reduce your company’s printing load, by helping you determine which documents should become printouts and which can be digitally archived instead.

Yes, having a desk printer might seem like a safer option because you rarely print sizes larger than A4 and are not seeking the highest quality printouts, however, we want you to see beyond that. A4 printers will cost you more in the long term because there are hidden long-term costs.

Why Does A Managed Print Solution Save You Money?

People often overlook the cost of printing. There are upfront costs and a number of hidden costs that are less simple to quantify.

The average annual cost of office printing is 5% of the annual turnover of an organisation. Therefore, the importance of fixing your print costs is obvious.

multifunctional bizhub systems with Konica Minolta Gauteng

Our multifunctional Bizhub systems are transparent and have a fixed cost per print, regardless of how much of the printed page you cover in toner. By knowing your exact print costs per page (which includes all supplies and all services) you can easily budget for your annual office printing and can manage your budgets simply and accurately.

At any time, with our simple-to-use print monitor, you can easily access the exact print usage of all devices on your network and calculate your exact costs to date for printing.

Does Managed Print Really Save Us Money?

YES. Multifunctional Bizhub systems are always cheaper than conventional ‘pay as you go’ printing. The cost per page for a managed print solution will typically be lower per A4 colour print versus an A4 colour page on a conventional office printer. The costs per page are often confusing and very much hidden from the customer.

How Much Does My Existing Printer Cost To Run?

When you buy a printer, the manufacturers advertise that their replacement toners or inks last for a certain number of prints. This can be 500, 1000, 5000 prints, etc. 

What they do not tell you is that they estimate these anticipated print volumes on you only covering 5% of the printed page in toner, and in the real world this just does not happen. 

multifunctional bizhub systems with Konica Minolta Gauteng

If like most businesses you cover on average about 25% of the page when you print, your toners will last 5 times less than advertised. This effectively means your printer will be 5 times more expensive to operate than expected. These hidden costs easily mount up and are hard to quantify because you purchase supplies on an ‘as you need basis.

Therefore, investing in our multifunctional Bizhub systems and buying a printer on a fixed-cost print agreement can easily save your company money per printout.

Choose High Performance Over Size

Essentially, the choice is yours but with our multifunctional Bizhub systems we would recommend choosing a floor-standing machine because it has the capability to print larger volumes of paper up to A3 size. If you only print A4 then simply change the trays before you print and you can expect better quality.

Konica Minolta Gauteng MFPs are industry award winners and their team of trained technicians, software support and management are always available, ensuring a level of unequaled service.

With this kind of excellence, it is no surprise that Konica Minolta is South Africa’s leader in business automation.

Meeting Your Company’s Needs

Our A3 multifunctional Bizhub systems are still the best in power, functionality, and cost of ownership for enterprises that deal with heavier print workloads.

Try our C227 which has productivity features to speed up your output economically, including fast colour printing, scanning, powerful finishing options, and an enhanced control panel that features a new mobile connectivity area. With the integration of this great solution, our multifunctional Bizhub systems can meet the unique needs of individual users, departments, or organisations.

Konica Minolta Gauteng’s full range of MFPs lets your business do more – and do it more effectively.

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