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Birds of a feather

Konica Minolta Gauteng is dedicated to community support and one of our favourite sponsorships is Brainy Birds Parrot Rescue and Rehabilitation centre.

There are so many incredible charity organisations in South Africa and in a perfect world we would be able to support them all. One of the organisations supported by Konica Minolta Gauteng is Brainy Birds, a rescue and rehabilitation centre for neglected and abandoned parrots situated in Edenvale.

Brainy Birds Rescue founder Dee Hendrickx started this vital sanctuary in her home many years ago, when she first rescued a few neglected and abandoned parrots at the age of fourteen. Today, she has over 300 exotic birds of various species in her care. Brainy Birds is a Section 18A Non-Profit organisation that relies entirely on donations and volunteer support.

Natalie Sutherland, the manager of Brainy Birds, is equally dedicated. She spends a lot of time with the birds and sings right along with them while going about her demanding day. The team at Brainy Birds, including the dedicated volunteers, are committed to giving these beautiful birds a second chance and a happy life. Their approach is inspirational, which is one reason why Konica Minolta Gauteng decided to show their support.

“I was drawn to Brainy Birds because they’re different”, says Jason Kupritz CEO – Konica Minolta Gauteng, “You don’t see many parrot sanctuaries and once I found out the level of work they do, not only rescuing these beautiful birds, but also supporting parrot owners, I absolutely had to get involved. Konica Minolta Gauteng is proud to be a sponsor of this incredible initiative.”

About Brainy Birds

Brainy Birds firmly believes that birds don’t belong in a cage. Through human intervention they have become pets, and with that, sadly the trade in birds has resulted in many people buying a bird from a breeder or pet shop without really understanding the intricacies of owning a bird. It is these birds that are often abandoned and surrendered to sanctuaries. Brainy Birds tries to educate people on correct care for their birds in addition to rescuing those that need their help.

“These are such vital creatures”, says Jason, “and many people tend to brush them off as ‘just birds’. This is one of the main reasons Konica Minolta Gauteng got involved with Brainy Birds, because we want to be involved in rescuing these animals and play our part in reducing the harmful trade in parrots that are meant to soar free.”

It’s a social thing

According to Jason, one of the things he loves most about Brainy Birds is that they encourage the social nature of these beautiful birds. The organisation encourages parrot owners to contact them for ‘parrot socialisation’ meet ups where parrots get to interact. “I was fascinated to learn how intelligent and social these birds are”, says Jason, “and I love that Brainy Birds plays a role in rescuing as well as educating parrot owners. It really is the best of both worlds.”

Life in colour

As printing experts, Konica Minolta Gauteng has a keen appreciation for the beauty found in nature, especially the variety of parrots. “Don’t laugh, but I think I was drawn in by all the beautiful colours”, says Jason, “our feathered friends deserve to be well-cared for and I know everyone in the office is thrilled to be involved with this fantastic organisation.”

Konica Minolta Gauteng encourages everyone to visit the Brainy Birds website, or even visit in person to speak to the experts, learns exactly what you should be feeding your feathered friend and even purchase ready-made parrot food. It’s an eye-opening experience and all proceeds go right back into caring for these beautiful creatures.

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