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Bringing Colour To Life With Konica Minolta Gauteng And Midnight Monkey, Plus 4 Bright Ways We Can Make Your Colour Dreams A Reality

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bringing colour to life with KMG and Midnight Monkey [konica minolta gauteng]

Bringing colour to life is what drives the exceptional creativity and services behind the synergistic partnership between Konica Minolta Gauteng and Midnight Monkey. Can you imagine living in a world without colour? A greyscale world is not a very appealing thought even though there are more than fifty shades of grey.

Naturally, our eyes draw toward colours. A bright collection of colours or even a single attention-grabbing hue are far more likely to spark a client’s interest than a mundane greyscale print. Bringing colour to life might seem as if it is only important for artists to consider, but business owners should also think about how they use colours in their branding and marketing strategies.

This month is all about having the freedom to express our creativity. Bringing colour to life with your business seems like the perfect way to do this. We believe that colour is an extremely powerful tool that can influence, attract, and even increase retention making it vital – particularly in marketing and branding.

Using colour in all customer-facing material, including transactional documents, which was once a novelty, is standard. The average person makes a subconscious judgment about anything within 90 seconds. What is more, between 62 percent to 90 percent of this judgment is based on colour alone.

Bringing Colour To Life With KMG & Midnight Monkey

Before we get into four bright ways, we can make your colour dreams a reality, let us dive into our partnership and why it is bringing colour to life.

Konica Minolta Gauteng has been a longstanding client of Midnight Monkey. As a winning brand in printing, sales, and consumables. KMG has had to differentiate itself in a competitive industry through exceptional service and marketing strategies which is possible through the partnership with Midnight Monkey.

 “Growth is never by mere chance; it is the result of forces working together.”

Shaun Segers, CEO at Midnight Monkey.

Both businesses have inventive minds which made the partnership a natural decision. Combining print management services, digital marketing, website, and graphic design proves to be a complementary formula and offers a turnkey solution to clients. KMG supplies the machines and print while Midnight Monkey offers creativity, design, and marketing.

Who Is Midnight Monkey?

The skills it requires to design and take the artwork to print is a true example of bringing colour to life.

Midnight Monkey provides a variety of services that will help their clients grow in business. Their approach is simple: “Make a positive impact on our clients’ business while providing industry-leading service” and the rest will take care of itself.

bringing colour to life with KMG and Midnight Monkey [konica minolta gauteng]

Their company is a bespoke SME focusing primarily on Digital Marketing Solutions and Designs. Their team is committed to staying ahead in the industry to achieve that ‘Wow’ factor with everything they do from digital to print which is now possible with Konica Minolta Gauteng.

They are bringing colour to life with clients from all industries by providing copy, design, social, and google PPC services to them. We believe that all KMG clients will flourish and find value in using Midnight Monkey’s services.

The skills it requires to design and take the artwork to print is a true example of bringing colour to life.

4 Ways Bringing Colour To Life Makes Dreams A Reality

Never underestimate the power of creatively expressing your business with colour. Bringing colour to life is not the only aspect to consider when printing your designs but it is one simple element that has power. A colourful eye-catching logo or promotional flyer could be the push a customer needs to consider your brand.

Often companies have printed material, but do not know the crucial step of strategically using colour.

1. Colourful Prints Catch Your Clients’ Eye

Studies show that 92 percent of people believe in the importance of visuals when purchasing products. Moreover, 84 percent say that colour accounts for more than half of a range of factors important to them when choosing which products, they purchase.

In fact, colour is the first thing people instinctively notice when they are assessing any object from a document to signage, to flyers or merchandise. Bringing colour to life has a powerful effect on their decision to buy or to move on.

Therefore, colour persuades us subconsciously as it captures our attention, sends a powerful message, and can even convince people to buy products and services. An image can paint a thousand words, but colour is what brings life to it.

bringing colour to life with KMG and Midnight Monkey [konica minolta gauteng]

2. A Strong Brand Perception

Our goal is to strengthen the perception clients have about your business. We can help you do this by bringing colour to life with our design and printing services. Did you know people are 80% more likely to recognise your brand when you use colourful logos and imagery?

Better yet, colour printing conveys a sense of accomplishment, stability, and professionalism which takes your printed material to another level.

3. Helps Us Locate Information Easily

Without knowing it, colour helps humans to demarcate and segment things. For this reason, colour is one of our most powerful elements at KMG and Midnight Monkey. For example, placing a call to action in a standout colour like red helps to push your readers to take the necessary action.

Also, bringing colour to life in print and using Pantone’s or Colour Schemes throughout, helps make print information, new concepts, and ideas easier to digest and understand.

Pantone colours are hugely important for colour consistency. They allow designers to match specific colours when they have designs that are beginning to enter the production stage – no matter what equipment you use to produce the design.

bringing colour to life with KMG and Midnight Monkey [konica minolta gauteng]

4. Better Recall And Retention

Interestingly, adding colour to your marketing messages can increase engagement rates by up to 42 percent. Bringing colour to life through website design or print will also help improve clients’ memory and comprehension.

This is because colour helps humans to process and store images more efficiently than when in monochrome. Your clients are much more likely to read and remember your website or printed marketing material which is vital when the goal is to create awareness and conversion

Tips For Bringing Colour To Life

  1. The stronger the colour contrast, the more powerful your message
  2. The colours you choose should always reflect your brand mission with strength and clarity
  3. Choose three key colours in your printouts to ensure your message stays in the minds of your audience
  4. Familiarise yourself with the meaning behind colours and how it affects people’s moods. For example, the colour blue signifies serenity, stability, inspiration, wisdom, or health. Blue is a calming colour and symbolises reliability.
bringing colour to life with KMG and Midnight Monkey [konica minolta gauteng]

The KMG And Midnight Monkey Solution

If you have a big event coming up or need to stand out from the competition, we can help promote your business by bringing colour to life. We cater to all your designing needs, whether you are a brand-new start-up business or a large corporate. From innovative website and UI/UX design to print media and brand activations

Contact Midnight Monkey and KMG. 

They will collaborate with your company from strategy through to fully integrated action plans, for developing, managing, and growing strong brands through creative brand architecture, design, and print. We combine strategic thinking, analytical rigor, and creativity in establishing powerful brand identities, positioning, and portfolio management opportunities.

Discover what our extensive Konica Minolta office printing systems offer you to make your entire work cycle more colourful, productive, and collaborative.

Available at different speeds, our flexible multifunctional bizhub systems suit offices of all sizes. The comprehensive range includes versatile colour multifunctional devices, award-winning colour laser printers, flexible mono systems, a choice of mono printers from desktop units to workgroup devices, as well as cost-effective and space-saving all-in-one systems.

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