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5 Essential Wireless Printing Software Pros For Simple Business Efficiency

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wireless printing systems for businesses [konica minolta gauteng]

Wireless printing has profound benefits and in today’s article, we will be talking about them. Although most operations, information, and interactions are being conducted digitally, there are often moments when you can’t avoid using good old-fashioned paper. A printout is often the difference between digesting information and simply scrolling past it or clicking on the next best thing.

It is easy to take wireless capability for granted since it is now a standard part of all our ‘major’ computing technology. What stays true is our heightened expectations for what our wireless printing technology can do and how businesses can fit them into their operations. Fortunately, our smartphones, tablets, laptops, and desktop PC’s can all run at a more than satisfactory level by using a Wi-Fi connection as opposed to being ‘hard-wired.’

However, with peripherals like keyboards, mice, and printers an efficient wireless printing setup is often an afterthought even in a technologically driven year like 2022. If you work in an office environment, the advantages of having a wireless setup should seem obvious.

But with wireless printing, you would be able to have small departments of staff members who can ‘share’ a printer rather than having one for each department. Not only is this expensive and time-consuming, but it might give the IT and maintenance guys quite the headache trying to find a way to wire in computers.

The Five Benefits Of Wireless Printing

If you are familiar with printing, then you will understand the importance of efficiency and quality and that wireless printing is leading the way in helping businesses to keep a superior standard.

We can connect to multiple devices, including payment systems, tablets, and mobile phones. Better yet, wireless printers can help save you time and money while also allowing you to work on the move.

wireless printing systems for businesses [konica minolta gauteng]

Also, wireless printing is exceptionally convenient because of its ability to directly communicate with the network without the need to set up the device using wires and cables. Moreover, when you add the feature of mobile printing then wireless printers can provide businesses with the ease of printing from virtually anywhere.

Are you worried about fitting printing machines in your small workspace? Worry not, because you may find using a more efficient printer that supports wireless printing for limited room space. Wireless printing has the flexibility to streamline productivity, especially in working environments with multiple users.

Here Are Our Top Five Pros Of Using Wireless Printing

At KMG, we suggest choosing your printing setup wisely, and if you are still not sure how after reading this blog then contact us so we can help guide you in the best direction.

1. Connection And Setup

A wireless printing setup can be placed anywhere you like but preferably in a place where you have a strong wireless connection. However, because wireless printing is so efficient you won’t need to place your printer right next to your computer or extremely close by. You can place your printer in a neatly tucked away area in the office, discreetly positioned in the corner of your workspace.

Better yet, loads of cables won’t be necessary to connect the printer to your computer. In fact, the router is the most vital part of setting up your computer and wireless printing relationship. You will still need a power lead to connect the printer to your office’s power through a plug socket. However, the connection between your computer and the printer can be set up over your wireless network.

wireless printing systems for businesses [konica minolta gauteng]

What’s more, wireless printing is very simple to set up. KMG trained staff will do their best to help you and instructions will be supplied so you are going through the setup process correctly. Essentially, configuring a multifunction printer and connecting to the router requires the DHCP option on the printer. Finding the IP address of the wireless network should then be an automatic process.

2. Mobility

Since there are not going to be wires tethered to the printers in a specific location, wireless printing allows businesses to work on the go.

This is extremely helpful in different industries, from retail where sales assistants can create other checkout locations during peak times, to coordination when haulage carriers need to check the weight of their truck.

A business with wireless printing and a mobile setup means that its staff can print their receipts, records, and findings there and then, rather than waiting to return to the office. This is extremely convenient if you are a sales rep or professional who needs to work on the go.

3. Accessibility

We suggest running a test print once you have set up your wireless printing systems. If all goes smoothly, then excellent job!

The best part about wireless printing is that besides all computers, laptops, and tablets – any other supported devices should be able to send a print task to the printer. Another benefit of using wireless printing systems is that you can typically connect a wireless-enabled computer or laptop to the device without installing drivers. Also, you don’t even need a wi-fi connection to print since our multifunction systems can connect via Bluetooth to most devices.

wireless printing systems for businesses [konica minolta gauteng]

Today’s business environment often means we need to act on the spot during serious issues, flaws in documentation, or delays. Wireless printing has made communication and task management much easier for business. Printing with KMG means you can do far more than simply download a missing file in your documentation. You can connect to the chosen MFP instantaneously until you have the hard copy in your hands.

Try out the Konica Minolta free printing app available at your fingertips. It lets you instantly send print jobs and scan documents remotely. The app is clear and easy to follow, even when you’re in a hurry and multitasking.

4. Save Energy And Costs

Imagine how expensive it would be to keep the cost of different printers…

Would you still rather keep a standard printer, or switch to a wireless one?

wireless printing systems for businesses [konica minolta gauteng]

A business workspace might still require printers but not to the extent of having one per PC. Our wireless printing systems can accommodate various computers, though there is a limit to their ability which depends on the workplace design.

Unlike using multiple printers, having a single device reduces the expense of buying replacement ink and toner cartridges. This will save money. Additionally, our multifunction printing systems feature Economy-Mode printing and Power-Saving modes, which help reduce overall printing costs.

5. Pay-For-Print Setup

Our cutting-edge ‘pay for print’ solutions are simple to install,  with web-based administration tracking tools designed to help you reduce your capital expenditure and ongoing running costs.

They can also be tailored and scaled to meet specific needs. For instance, a high school may need a simple manual top-up solution that manages staff and student print quotas. Yet a large university would be seeking an integrated solution across multiple campuses, along with coin-operated or fully automated credit card and EFTPOS payment systems.

wireless printing systems for businesses [konica minolta gauteng]

Regardless of your needs, we have the solutions and ability to suit your wireless printing needs.

Better yet, enforcing restrictions on ‘pay for print’ swipe cards can help control various costs like giving specific staff a print allocation, charging costs back to a specific faculty or department, and easing detailed reports on printing usage.

All of this can help promote more sustainable practices of paper use, helping you reduce costs and improve your environmental footprint.

Check out how our wireless printers can help your business here.

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