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C558 Bizhub Series Instantly Connects You To Non-Stop, Amazing Productivity

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c558 MFP connects high-productivity at work [Konica Minolta Gauteng]

Our incredible C558, C658, and C458 MFP (multi-function printing) colour series provide an outstanding balance of productivity features that expands Konica Minolta Gauteng’s A3 product line-up. The series is ideal for all users, including medium to large businesses and corporate environments with high-quality colour output needs.

Also, our C658 has output speeds of up to 65 ppm with built-in print control. This new series provides high-volume printing on a user-friendly platform. KMG is reshaping the workspace by making mobile printing even easier than printing from a PC. Along with our C558 Bizhub series, we are supporting mobile industry standards, by bringing native printing to Apple and Android devices.

Businesses on the move can work efficiently because Google’s Cloud print possibilities allow workers to print from anywhere, anytime on KMG’s MFPs. There is no longer a need to be connected to the company network 24/7.

With our excellent balance of productivity features like a powerful CPU, quick scanning, internal Z folding, and security you will have an incredible user experience, less waiting time, digitalised scans, cloud, and wireless printing, as well as secure networks.

Besides, why buy new when you can buy our renewed MFP devices? Request your C558 series quote today.

The C558 Means Non-Stop Productivity

The C558, C458, and C658 have the largest panel ever in the KMG MFP line-up.

These features include:

  • New 10.1” display for C458/C558/C658 with NFC implementation (NFC ready).
  • New operation panel layout.
  • Better operability.
  • Cloud and Mobile Printing (NFC area).
c558 MFP connects high-productivity at work [Konica Minolta Gauteng]

As mentioned, the device also has a powerful CPU.

This means:

  • Better user experience with no “lagging” time.
  • Free navigation through the different menus.
  • No limitations.
  • Zero waiting time.

Not to mention, the amount of time you will save when scanning.

Here is how:

  • When archiving documents, users must ensure that every single page with the scan job is digitalised.
  • With the Multi Feed Detection Kit, we bring the guarantee that no original has been skipped during the scanning workflow.
  • New High-Speed Dual Scan ADF (standard).
  • Multi-Feed Detection Kit (optional).

The C558 Bizhub series also has built-in internal Z folding.

  • New FS-537 finisher (optional).

Mobile Printing and Security are sorted with our MFP devices.

c558 MFP connects high-productivity at work [Konica Minolta Gauteng]

Here is why:

  • Accessing the company network from mobile terminals might raise security concerns.
  • A viable alternative is the Wireless LAN Access Point Mode. The Konica Minolta Gauteng printing system acts as an access point enabling the mobile device to connect to the MFP’s own network, which is completely separated from the company network.

5 Outstanding Productivity Features

1. High-Volume Scans For Efficiency

We live in a busy world and waiting is rarely an option. Our C558 Bizhub series will help you turn a hard copy into an electronic document in seconds.

These MFPs provide ultra-fast A4 scanning at 120 originals per minute or 240 (OPM) when scanning double-sided. For maximum efficiency, double-sided documents are scanned in one pass. For schools or legal offices, such scanning capability is invaluable and ensures maximum productivity when you need it most.

An innovative ultrasonic double-feed sensor detects when more than one sheet enters the feeder. The sensor will alert you to rectify the feed straight away. You’ll find this feature invaluable when scanning documents that have a high page count.

c558 MFP connects high-productivity at work [Konica Minolta Gauteng]

2. Optional Advanced Finisher & Z-folding Unit

When you want to create and present documents with a quality finish, these Bizhub models deliver every time. The C558 series lets you take advantage of an advanced finisher with integrated Z-folding capabilities.

The finisher allows you to bind your documents with ‘saddle-stitching,’ for a truly professional result. There is hardly any waiting time because you can bind a document virtually at the same time as it is copied or printed.

Better yet, the Bizhub C458, C558, and C658 achieve all this in a footprint that’s surprisingly small and does not need valuable office space.

3. Intuitive Control With InfoPalette Touch Panel

An intuitive 10” touch screen features ‘flick and drag’ and ‘pinch and zoom’ operations like that of popular mobile tablet devices.

c558 MFP connects high-productivity at work [Konica Minolta Gauteng]

The familiar fingertip controls, horizontal scrolling, and pop-up menus allow simpler navigation. It is all there on a single intuitive screen, and most people will be able to use it with minimal instruction. This interface is also highly customisable to your requirements.

4. Wireless Mobile And Cloud Connectivity

Our workplace today is rapidly evolving with mobile technology providing employees with greater flexibility. More staff can now work from home or other locations outside the office. This can deliver business benefits, including improved overall efficiency and employee time management.

With these state-of-the-art MFPs and the C558, your staff or customers can use their mobile phones and tablets for effortless printing – anytime, anywhere.

People can take advantage of full wireless connectivity, using popular mobile platforms such as iOS and Android. This approach also ensures elevated levels of security, thanks to robust user authentication procedures.

c558 MFP connects high-productivity at work [Konica Minolta Gauteng]

5. Automatic Backups For Peace Of Mind

The risk of losing your precious corporate data can be minimised, with this optional feature. Our Bizhub MFPs have a virtually failure-proof data protection system, with our sophisticated Cloud-Based Storage Software. We are able to back up all your documents directly to the Cloud from the devices control panel.

Please contact us so we can show you how our Cloud-Based storage software works. It is worth considering if you want to put your mind at rest.

Request a quote on a Bizhub C558, C658, or C458.

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