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How to identify the best office equipment for your needs

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At Konica Minolta Gauteng (KMG) we know that every business is unique. We therefore make it our business to help you acquire the best office equipment for your specific business needs.

There is no copy-and-paste solution for any industry. Every office set-up is unique, and you want to ensure that your office equipment is up to the task. At KMG we are always ready to assist and help you acquire the right equipment for your business.

For us to give you the best advice and support, we look at the following factors:

  • Office size and layout

This has a big impact on the type of equipment we recommend. Some offices simply can’t accommodate large printers due to space constraints and may have to opt for a selection of smaller machines.

On the flip side, some offices are used to working with a network of small printers where a single larger machine might be a lot more cost-effective.

We look at all the options and offers our clients the best solutions for their space.

  • Staff count

In this case we look at the number of staff who regularly need to use printers / copiers. This depends on the nature of your business. You may have a staff count of 100, but only 30 use copiers / printers on a daily basis. This information allows KMG to tailor office equipment packages to suit your needs.

  • Type of printing required

Some companies need to regularly print high-quality full colour, while others only require monochrome. Sometimes it’s a mix of both. We ask customers to give us detailed information on their printing needs so that we can identify the right office equipment for them.

  • Document sensitivity

Some businesses deal with incredibly sensitive information and can’t afford to have printed documents lying around in the ‘printed’ tray. In such cases we often advise installing units at various accessible locations, or we even designate a machine per department. Many CEO’s and Financial Directors require their own printers and if we help you set it all up from the start, we can help you select the right device for every function.

The above are just a few examples, but they illustrate why it’s important to find an office equipment supplier willing to go the extra mile. Yes, you can order a bunch of printers online, but this often leads to endless headaches when it comes to creating a proper office network, machine maintenance, spare parts and consumables.

You want a partner who can expertly evaluate your business needs, come up with solutions, and offer support down the line. You want to be able to focus on your core business and have your office equipment running smoothly. The only way to do this is by partnering with a company like KMG. It is our job to make sure you can keep doing yours.

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