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Sport partnerships are a fantastic way to boost any brand

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When we think of sport sponsorships / partnerships, many of us immediately picture big international events and teams, as well as the price tag that comes with getting involved. The truth is, the opportunities for business and sport are endless, and you just need to find the right match for your business.

Konica Minolta Gauteng (KMG) has always been a proud supporter of various community projects, charities, and sport associations. When it comes to sport, many business owners are hesitant either because they don’t see the link between their business and a specific sport, or because they think a sponsorship will be too far out of their budget range.

The reality is that no matter what business you run, the link is to the passion and love for sport. Your products or services don’t have to tie in with sport, it’s about your company’s spirit and values.

KMG, for example, recently donated an electronic scoreboard to the cricket section of The Wanderers Club in Johannesburg. For me, there was a personal link, because I have been playing cricket since the age of six and The Wanderers will always be special to me as it holds so many amazing memories. I want others to create similar memories and I can do my part by supporting local sport facilities or teams.

So how does this help my office equipment business? The short answer is: by staying involved in the community and building strong relationships via new channels that aren’t directly related to my business, I am broadening my audience and potential customer base.

I have been in the printing industry for many years, and I have learned the value of a strong network. By showing our support for The Wanderers in this way, my brand reaches everyone from coaches to players and spectators. It’s a way for KMG to become part of this community.

The best advice I can give other business owners is to get acquainted with their local sport teams and facilities. Whether you sponsor a small billboard at a local soccer field, or assist with transport costs for teams, every little bit helps. And it gradually entrenches your business within that network.

As a business owner, I feel we do have a responsibility to support community growth, and sport is an excellent way of being involved. It’s also authentic – I really am a cricket fan, so this isn’t just a marketing tool for me. I am personally invested in the success of The Wanderers and the development of cricket in South Africa.

So, find your sport niche, you don’t need to be a sport fanatic to understand the crucial role it plays in society and the positive impact it can have on young lives. If you understand that, you will easily find a sport partnership or sponsorship that aligns with your values and your budget.

It’s one of the best brand investments you can make.

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