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Environmentally Friendly Printer Plants 20 Trees To Promote A Greener Place, Here’s Why.

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environmentally friendly printer [konica minolta gauteng]

Environmentally friendly printer, Konica Minolta Gauteng has a longstanding commitment to greening South Africa and sharing the benefits of trees with communities across the country.

The world of business is transitioning to a sustainable model and the pandemic is not the only reason for this. Traditionally, businesses were pushing for efficiency at every turn. More recently, we have been making changes by responding to the mounting pressures on environmental responsibility.

There is a growing drive for efficiency and environmental sustainability in all industries, which is why we are embracing both. In this article, you will discover what you should know about the rising significance of sustainable printing and supporting the community.

Our award-winning team strives to be an environmentally friendly printer and is complemented by their amazing range of copiers and printers.. KMG visited Nokuphila Primary School in Tembisa, to plant five of the 20 trees they recently donated to teach learners how they can make a difference in the community.

We planted trees together with the highly regarded NPO Food & Trees for Africa, with whom Konica Minolta SA has been planting trees for over a decade, resulting in the company being carbon neutral since 2013.

Why Your Business Should Embrace An Environmentally Friendly Printer

Clients nowadays expect sustainability and desire more environmentally responsible practices. They are looking for an environmentally friendly printer who gives back.

Millennials are especially spirited and insistent on the idea of companies being more environmentally sustainable.

The reality is, when it comes to printing and marketing, companies have been incredibly wasteful. However, we are aware that wastefulness cannot continue because it will come back to haunt us. Clients are shying away from wasteful companies choosing competitors who advocate an environmentally friendly printer.

We recommend being discerning in choosing your go-to printer because some businesses position themselves as sustainable but really aren’t in practice. Powerful marketing tactics can often sway the minds of customers in your favour which is why we are reminding you to choose wisely.

At KMG we believe that integrity and honesty are always the best policy, and all industries should be trying to be more environmentally responsible.

Ecological Awareness And Why We Donated 20 Trees

environmentally friendly printer [konica minolta gauteng]
Nokuphila School

KMG partnered with Trees for All because they are an award-winning programme that sustainably plants trees in shared spaces for a healthier, greener environment. This successful initiative educates communities about the benefits of trees while offsetting carbon emissions and transforming the surrounding environment.

They plant fruit and indigenous trees at schools, hospitals, parks, clinics, aged homes, and anywhere else people will receive help from, and look after, trees.

“The environment and the economy are really both two sides of the same coin. If we cannot sustain the environment, we cannot sustain ourselves.”

– Wangari Maathai (Founder of the Greenbelt Movement & Noble Peace Laureate).

Why Do We Love Trees?

  • Regeneration and Rehabilitation of the Environment.
  • Supplies Shade, Transpiration, and Cooling.
  • Provides us with Fruit, Nuts, and Medicine.
  • Biodiversity and Climate Resilience.
  • Give us Clean Air and a Healthy Environment

KMG Is A Supportive Environmentally Friendly Brand

environmentally friendly printer [konica minolta gauteng]
A Brand Who Supports.

During the national lockdown, KMG donated 20 trees to Nokuphila School and even got their hands dirty while planting five of those trees with the children.

The team from Food & Trees for Africa explained to the children how they should take care of the trees, and the role trees play within an ecosystem. We also ran a competition, allowing the learners to win prizes for answering questions correctly, based on what they’d learned about trees.

The learners were happy to receive the trees and really excited about the opportunity to help plant and take care of them. As an environmentally friendly printer, we are pleased to encourage a greater appreciation for trees and the role they play in our environment.

We believe in creating an eco-friendly community amongst the youth who will carry this message with them to their households and communities.

Why Choose An Environmentally Friendly Printer?

As mentioned, printing has contributed to the most wasteful practices in the world.

Therefore, we pride ourselves on being an environmentally friendly printer that encourages other businesses to start reassessing their product development and printing methods.

Assessing where you are sourcing your ingredients, your packaging, your energy usage, waste, and more will help to align your actions with your vision


environmentally friendly printer [konica minolta gauteng]
Save Energy and Costs.

Simply put, you want to begin evaluating your options by examining your current distribution and manufacturing partners. It may mean finding new partners, to see which eco-friendly options are available.

It might be time to opt for an environmentally friendly printer that offers digital printing solutions and software which supports an inherently more earth-friendly printing method.

Today, we’re diving into two reasons why digital print and software is an eco-friendly choice for businesses of all sizes, and why they may be a good choice for your brand. 

1. Streamlined Printing Processes

As an environmentally friendly printer, we do our best to ensure that our printing processes are as efficient and streamlined as possible.

The benefit of businesses choosing digital printing is using fewer printing plates and reducing wastage.

At KMG, we use the latest software to track printing processes which ensures everything is running smoothly so there is less chance that we would need to re-print a batch of business materials.

environmentally friendly printer [konica minolta gauteng]

Since we provide our clients with the highest quality of printed assets first-time around, there is no need to waste even more energy by reprinting, editing, or changing.

You can rely on us to supply a service that delights your customers and preserves the environment.

2. Reduced Carbon Emissions And Wastage

No matter what industry you specialise in it is important to consider an environmentally friendly printer that can help you to reduce your carbon footprint and emissions released during production.

KMG implements an Enabling Carbon Neutrality Programme and is partnered with the international climate protection expert Climate Partner. As an environmentally friendly printer, we ensure the transparency and resilience of the programme.

Together with Climate Partner, we support a Gold Standard-certified carbon offset project using wind energy in Vader Piet, Aruba, in the Caribbean Sea. By using the island’s wind resources, the project reduces emissions of greenhouse gases by approximately 150,000 t of CO2 each year.

Since the Enabling Carbon Neutrality programme was launched in 2015, its participants have compensated for more than 16 million kg of CO2. This figure includes global customers, events and fairs, and internal compensation.

environmentally friendly printer [konica minolta gauteng]
Get CO2 Emissions Certified.

At KMG, we offset unavoidable CO2 emissions produced during office and production printing at reasonable prices. We pay for manufacturing and transportation of the product, while the client covers the cost of compensating for emissions produced while the device is being used.

We then provide our client with an emissions certificate saying the amount of CO2 saved, as evidence of the carbon offsetting. 

This process helps our clients to fulfil their own environmental targets, reducing their carbon footprint, proving their commitment to protecting the environment, and improving their corporate image. 

The Importance Of Sustainable Branding

If you are ready to invest in an environmentally friendly printer, then you may as well make your marketing practices sustainable too.

Going green on printing will provide you with substantial cost savings. If that’s as far as you take it, you won’t be getting the full benefit. We recommend incorporating sustainability into your branding so it is clear to your customers who will appreciate your efforts.

According to Forbes, it is time to revamp your printing operations so they are more sustainable. Our world is changing, and so are our clients’ tastes.

Our mission is to remain on the side of change and so can you by choosing an environmentally friendly printer who supports the sustainability of our community and economy.

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