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Konica Minolta Printer Management Software & 5 Revolutionary Benefits Of Automated Smart Printing

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Konica Minolta printer management software, AI & Smart Printing [Konica Minolta Gauteng]

Konica Minolta printer management software products, artificial intelligence, and automated smart printing can change your operations for the better. Konica Minolta Gauteng solves the problems of the companies it serves, matches different working styles, and offers software solutions meeting the needs of different industries.

In a world where digital is best, we need to stay youthful and innovative in our approach.

By always prioritising the customer’s needs, we can meet the software requirements of even the most demanding global organisations.

Users can control the cost of printed or copied output, provide advanced security to ensure sensitive documents do not fall into the wrong hands, and so much more.

Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) is everywhere nowadays. From the biggest enterprise computer systems all the way down to the predictive text function in your phone’s keyboard. That is why we are taking advantage of A.I. technology too.

Konica Minolta Printer Management Software And A.I.

Konica Minolta printer management software and A.I. can help reduce waste, speed up production times, and deliver solutions that might feel like they are straight out of the future. In fact, AI-powered solutions are reshaping the way businesses interact with their customers.

Konica Minolta printer management software, AI & Smart Printing [Konica Minolta Gauteng]

A.I. printing processes can improve services, with faster turnaround times, reduced costs, and greater flexibility for customisation.

Here are ways that we are seeing Smart Printing revolutionise the print industry.

Digital Is Our Future

Gone are the days of doing things manually.

Konica Minolta printer management software keeps up with today’s technologically driven world. We cannot be afraid of a fast-developing tool like artificial intelligence when it is keeping our processes smart and efficient.

Popular culture has sometimes demonised artificial intelligence, but the reality is that Konica Minolta printer management software can help us do our jobs better, quicker, and more effectively to provide a higher level of service.

Automatic Identification Technology (AIT) has made manual inspection and intervention a method of the past. What is more, AIT can reduce misprints to an absolute minimum which means productive and efficient print rooms. AIT is perfect for all print providers looking for easy, efficient, and reliable print production.

Konica Minolta printer management software, AI & Smart Printing [Konica Minolta Gauteng]

Companies using the Konica Minolta printer management software will see fewer excess prints, reducing costs and generating higher margins. Smart printing is an outstanding way to manage your company’s workflow.

Here’s What You Get With Our Software

• Highest reliability for all printed jobs.
• Shorter turnaround times with automated processes.
• Ease of use, even for novice operators.
• More operator time for more important jobs.
• No surplus prints for estimated defects.

Our fully automated, closed-loop inspection technology ensures your customers come back, and not your printed products.

Konica Minolta’s A.I. Innovations Are Transparent

Konica Minolta printer management software has the vision of “Imaging to the People.” We strive toward the goals of supporting people to achieve their own purpose and the realisation of a sustainable society.

To achieve this vision, our company is actively using A.I. in the development of products and services, as well as in its corporate activities, including R&D, manufacturing, and sales.

We also understand that the inappropriate use of A.I. can cause various problems, including privacy or human rights violations.

That is why the Konica Minolta Group has established the A.I. Policy to share an understanding of the appropriate use of A.I. Therefore, we are committed to using A.I. to contribute to creating a better, human-centric society globally.

Konica Minolta Printer Management Software Inventions

The Internet of Things (IoT) and Artificial Intelligence are carving out a niche for us. In fact, companies spending on A.I. technologies are likely to grow to $97.9 billion in 2023.

Both AI and IoT are playing vital roles in revolutionising the printing industry. Here is a quick list of how the new era of smart printing is helping us stay innovative.

Konica Minolta printer management software, AI & Smart Printing [Konica Minolta Gauteng]

– IoT and A.I. With Optical Devices & Image Sensing Technologies

Konica Minolta printer management software incorporates low-power-consumption, high-speed A.I. functions like embedded devices and on-premises servers.

Our machines have high-precision image recognition and high-speed processing capabilities that detect humans in static images as well as an estimation of 2D human pose.

In addition, Konica Minolta provides various solutions to resolve customers’ problems by finding defects in static images.

We embrace using A.I. for creating diverse values and a society where people can pursue motivation and satisfaction in life.

– R&D And A.I. Product Development

Konica Minolta printer management software has led to the development of high-polymer composite materials, through the methodology of Materials Informatics.

This requires the minimum amount of experimental data only, which effectively combines with the structures and functions of chemicals using A.I. to drastically reduce the development period.

We also use deep learning and other machine learning technologies for the development of various image recognition solutions.

For example, Konica Minolta printer management software offers a solution to help doctors read chest X-rays by having A.I. analyse its proprietary database, recognise the clavicles and ribs, and then make these bones less obvious on radiographs.

– Digital Employees

There are two digital employees working at Konica Minolta. The one, RPA Ieyasu, performs automated tasks using the Robotic Process Automation (RPA) system for human employees.

Like human employees, RPA Ieyasu has its own employee ID and other system ID cards to operate worldwide. The other is a chatbot named Litera, which uses a service from Microsoft. Litera answers questions from members of the Konica Minolta Group in Japan about IT services 24/7.

To promote digital manufacturing, the company assigns data scientists to its factories to effectively use A.I. in the production processes.

Six Benefits Of Automated Smart Printing

Konica Minolta printer management software is revolutionary for all printing companies. Find out why below.

Konica Minolta printer management software, AI & Smart Printing [Konica Minolta Gauteng]

1. Smart Layouts

AI-assisted print layouts help minimise waste by automatically making the best usage of your print material.

Smart layouts proactively plan to maximise the capacity of each sheet. There is nothing worse than a frustrating and time-consuming printing process.

Konica Minolta printer management software automates the process which saves time and materials for even the most complex and irregular patterns.

2. Press Monitoring & Adjustments

Artificial intelligence monitoring systems allow businesses to make real-time decisions based on sensor feedback. This includes detecting and correcting common hang-ups like paper alignment and image quality.

Konica Minolta printer management software can dramatically reduce the amount of time spent on monitoring for quality control and immediately reduce the risk of wasting material on bad prints.

Therefore, whenever you have a print run our system will automatically notify you when something is out of alignment, then it takes care of the problem itself without any intervention on your part. That’s A.I. at work.

3. Automated Workflow

We use A.I. to automate workflow processes. The goal of the Konica Minolta printer management software is workflow automation for efficient processes and less manual workload.

This is because we can program the machine to perform certain tasks – especially the repetitive ones. In the print industry, this means processing orders quickly, assisting with shipping and other planning, tracking inventory, automatically placing resupply orders, and anything else that is time-consuming.

Konica Minolta printer management software, AI & Smart Printing [Konica Minolta Gauteng]

4. Targeted Marketing

Besides Konica Minolta printer management software, artificial intelligence is extremely helpful for micro-targeting your ads.

Do you know that phenomenon when you see an advertisement on your phone about something you just mentioned? That is not your phone spying on you. That is A.I. profiling your internet browsing habits, social media posts, and everything else it can glean from your digital data trail to decide what you might be thinking about.

However, as a business owner, you can use this to your advantage by creating targeted ads and serving them up to specific audiences.

A.I. also makes it possible to automate complex marketing campaigns based on conditional behaviours, like triggering a follow-up email for an abandoned shopping cart.

If you need assistance with digital marketing then contact our partner, Midnight Monkey.

5. Better Security

Print companies rely on tons of file transfers and may even allow customers to connect phones and other devices directly to their printers.

However, all of these represent a risk when it comes to cyber security, but Konica Minolta printer management software can help mitigate the danger. Advanced analytics allow A.I. to monitor your network for anomalies that can reveal security breaches before they become a major problem.

Konica Minolta printer management software, AI & Smart Printing [Konica Minolta Gauteng]

The Bottom Line

In 2022 and years beyond, we will see print service providers prioritising print security. Here are a couple of points that will help you get more understanding of security in printing.

✅ Installation of Konica Minolta printer management software can help you secure sensitive data of customers against tampering or hacking.

✅ By using A.I. you can also increase the security of printing jobs and control what employees of different departments can print with the ‘printer authorisation’ feature.

✅ Print security assessment reports help in identifying vulnerabilities and taking necessary actions to create a secure environment.

These are just examples of how printing companies can change the way they do business by using A.I., automating processes, and creating new and innovative solutions for customers.

These changes can give you a competitive advantage, but with their widespread appeal and easy adoption, it is only a matter of time until they become the standard rather than the exception.

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