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Align Your Mindset & Know When To Exit With 10 Effective Strategies.

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align your mindset & know when to exit with 10 strategies [konica minolta gauteng]

Align your mindset to cultivate a positive personal and business experience. In the end, only you are in control of how you experience the world and although it comes with its challenges, there is so much beauty to make for a successful and optimistic environment. You need to learn how to see the beauty and where to find it – within, so you can then share your positivity and warmth with others.

Be More Positive. If you can get this right, everything will fall into place from there. It will also allow you to align your mindset and stay focused no matter what unexpected blows might come your way personally or in business. Also, knowing when to let go and exit draining, negative situations will provide business owners, and employees relief, a sense of pride, and a chance to focus on something more fruitful.

Every entrepreneur is concerned with their business strategy, but with such bleak historical gains, one wonders if it’s even worth the effort. It is worth your best effort, and here is an approach that will allow you to beat the odds and maximise your returns.

It is too easy to get distracted by the events of the world and what your business is producing short-term. When doing this, we tend to miss two essential components: Alignment and Knowing when to Exit. However, we believe that applying these elements consistently will dramatically enhance the progression of strategy creation, communication, and execution.

These critical elements help us remember our core values, and purpose, and ensure we can realign to profitably grow our businesses.

Align Your Mindset To Your Purpose

When times get tough, it is a chance to align your mindset to your purpose. This includes your purpose on both personal and business levels. When there is a struggle, there is also space for finding deep appreciation.

The purpose is the loadstone upon which every enterprise is built. Financial success is the consequence of commercial enterprises fulfilling their purposes well, but it is not to be confused with enterprise purpose itself. Profit, for example, is rarely a positive focus for people’s efforts.

align your mindset & know when to exit with 10 strategies [konica minolta gauteng]

For example, consider what the enduring purpose behind your enterprise is. Why does it matter if you go out of business? Who would care? Is your purpose clear enough that your employees, investors, partners, and customers can articulate it?

Can you?

Staying Positive In A Negative Environment

When you align your mindset, you need to create a safe container for yourself to slow down overthinking, anxiety, and perpetual thought spirals by developing an innate ability to introspect and experience your mind, body, and spirit.

One of the best techniques to build this skill is through meditation followed by breathwork, and journaling which are excellent ways to separate the soul from negativities.

Business and personal development work are intrinsically connected and remind us that we need to reconnect to ourselves. You can align your mindset by learning to listen to yourself, and others, by finding inner stillness.

Studies have found that when you align your mindset through mindful meditation, it can decrease activity in the default mode network (DMN). This is the brain network responsible for mind-wandering and self-referential thoughts – a.k.a., the ‘monkey mind.’

align your mindset & know when to exit with 10 strategies [konica minolta gauteng]

The DMN is active when our mind is just wandering from thought to thought which has been linked to being less happy, ruminating, and worrying about the past and future. In terms of business, a wandering mind can lead to anxiety and unhappiness within the company culture which we want to avoid. Therefore, to align your mindset to encourage positivity and productivity, we need to quiet the mind through meditation.

Interestingly, even when the mind does start to wander, because of the new connections that form, meditators are better at snapping back out of it.

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10 Effective Strategies To Align Your Mindset

We are living in what seems like the darkest times, but it is our responsibility to remain positive in a negative environment. Horrifying news, pessimism, and terrible things are everywhere, but you can choose to reflect on them or deflect them.

There are a variety of ways to maintain a positive mindset, but you need to focus primarily on maintaining clarity, building a healthy mind and body, making positive choices, spending time with successful people, and finding value in your life.

Generally, do you have a positive or negative outlook? During tough times, and in such a negative world, it can be challenging to maintain your positive outlook. But no matter how hard it gets; you do have control over how you react to it.

1. A Healthy Body & Mind

Exercise and good nutrition can seriously change your mind and increase levels of happiness and positivity. Taking a walk at lunchtime or an exercise class after work and moving your body every day will help you create a healthy, positive mindset.

align your mindset & know when to exit with 10 strategies [konica minolta gauteng]

In addition, when you are feeling down you might be quick to grab a packet of chips or a sweet treat but the best way to overcome these feelings is by first acknowledging they exist and second by eating healthily.

Healthy nutrition helps to align your mindset and increase overall happiness especially when you eat nutritionally dense foods like vegetables, salmon, and even dark chocolate.

2. Celebrate Highlights & Yourself

It may not seem like there is much to celebrate right now, but life will always ebb and flow. That is why you need to align your mindset to find the highlights in life, and it starts with you.

Take the time to show your co-workers your appreciation for them by recognising their excellence.

For example, if one of your co-workers signs a new client celebrate them by sharing this information with the rest of your team. Congratulate co-workers when they successfully complete a project and thank them when they offer you help. Simply letting people know you notice their work can make them feel like valuable members of the team.

align your mindset & know when to exit with 10 strategies [konica minolta gauteng]

Better yet, celebrate yourself!

It can be for anything – perhaps you signed a major deal at work, or you achieved a personal best at your gym workout.

No matter what happens, do not forget to celebrate your own wins, big and small. It will help you align your mindset to focus on all the positivity around you.

3. Make Positive Friends & Have Fun

No matter how old you are, you deserve to enjoy yourself. Seek out colleagues or people who inspire you, who are successful, happy, and supportive.

The people at work have a significant impact on your emotions and how you perceive your workplace. Look for co-workers who maintain a cheerful outlook, focus on their work and offer solutions when challenges arise. These could be professionals who are kind or who simply make you laugh.

As adults, we tend to get caught up in our jobs, running chores and tending to everybody else’s needs. This is when fun tends to go out of the window. That is why spending time with co-workers can help you see the good in life and provides a support system for co-workers who share the same values.

Playing and having fun are essential to decreasing stress levels, improving mood, and stimulating the mind. Better yet, it helps you to align your mindset and remain optimistic in a pessimistic world.

4. Practice Gratitude

It is too easy to slip into a downward spiral of negative talk and complaints. If you are serious about cultivating a positive environment, then you need to align your mindset to feeling immense gratitude.

align your mindset & know when to exit with 10 strategies [konica minolta gauteng]

No matter who you are or where you are in life, there is something to be grateful for, and you can learn to appreciate the trivial things in life. Business owners should show their gratitude for employees as this will encourage a positive and rewarding work environment.

Try journaling for five minutes to jot down what you are thankful for, and you will be well on your way to increasing your positivity.

5. Monitor Your Thoughts

The voice you hear the most is your own. Ensure what you are telling yourself is positive and kind.

In fact, you need to align your mindset anytime you experience an unpleasant experience at work. Take a moment to consider why you keep focusing on this event. Assess what your feelings are, reflect on what caused them and determine what actions you can take to overcome the challenge.

Developing self-awareness is often the first step to becoming a more positive person because it allows you to analyse your emotional response to a situation.

Learn to decide if the situation truly requires your attention and recognise your power to create positive change. Also, negative self-talk affects your entire perspective of life. Speaking to yourself with kindness will align your mindset to something more positive.

6. Knowing When To Exit

It is vital to understand when to persevere and when to accept and let go in both business and personal worlds.

For example, we can be driven, compassionate, and tenacious with laser focus but it will run dry unless we cultivate it.

Sometimes you need to push the boundaries at work and strive to reach targets but other times you need to align your mindset and step away for a bit.  

align your mindset & know when to exit with 10 strategies [konica minolta gauteng]

We need to create a life outside of work to also derive pleasure from. The glorification of work does not do anyone favours. Those people who can ‘switch off’ have it right. However, the ones who exhaust themselves and are always ignoring their needs to get something done end up burnt out and consumed by feelings of hopelessness.

We suggest creating protective boundaries from always doing, and instead focusing on what is more important. Being held ransom to never-ending deadlines is not healthy and we have to consider the long-term effects of always being on. More importantly, be able to discern when it is time to exit a toxic event, situation, or relationship and learn to be prudent in your judgment and execution.

Harnessing your passion, success and motivation come from knowing when it is time to push and when it is time to exit a consuming situation at work, in your social circle, and in life. It is not counterproductive it is playing smart because you know that you are in it for the long game.

Set personal boundaries and maintain a positive outlook on life.

7. Understand Your Positioning

You need to align your mindset to the positioning of your company and have full awareness of what your core messaging is, your core values, and where your business is at.

If you want to maintain a positive environment at work then your employees, partners, and investors all need to know what your unique attributes are and how your key messages and actions build a distinct and differentiated brand. That way you can all work together towards a united goal which builds trust and maintains purpose and drive.

align your mindset & know when to exit with 10 strategies [konica minolta gauteng]

Effective positioning ensures that your business clearly stands out and resonates with key employees and clients. We encourage you to ask yourself if you have hired people who embody your core messaging and if you are acknowledging those who exude it so they can continue building momentum for the success of the company.

Understanding your positioning helps to align your mindset to gain continuous insight, drive, and capability to effectively create positivity in your company.

If you do not know where you stand, then how can you progress?

8. Quit ‘Doom-Scrolling”

When you align your mindset to positive thinking, it is vital that you do your best to avoid being sucked into the trap of absorbing terrible news.

Are you guilty of spending a ridiculous amount of time scrolling on your phone or computer consuming negative news? Or, maybe you have colleagues, family, or friends who constantly bring up bad news. If so, you are not alone – but you can align your mindset and choose to ignore it instead.

Stopping yourself from constantly ‘doom-scrolling’ is one of the best ways to stay positive in a negative world! It is harmful to your mental health and does not help end the negativity you are consuming.

Rather than focusing on all the things you cannot do, focus on what you can do.

Spend your time trying to align your mindset and uplift those who are in your immediate environment. Look into ways you can help or donate to a cause.

9. Acts Of Kindness

We have mentioned tips that focus on introspection and changes you can make in your own mental and physical health. However, when you align your mindset and focus on the positive you can begin to find ways outside of yourself to help share the ray of positivity.

align your mindset & know when to exit with 10 strategies [konica minolta gauteng]

Performing small acts of kindness is an excellent way to spread positivity in the workplace. Even a gesture as simple as smiling and saying good morning to your co-workers can help you establish goodwill and set the tone for a more positive work experience.

Here are other examples of kind acts:

  • Surprising your team with coffee.
  • Reaching out to a co-worker to ask if they need help.
  • Leaving a thank-you note on a colleague’s desk.

When you align your mindset with kindness you will be better equipped to manage stress. Those who give back are often happier and more positive overall.

Read how KMG donated 20 trees to create a greener, healthier environment for the local community.

10. Create A Mantra

A mantra is a word or phrase that can help you align your mindset, remain calm, and feel good.

Develop a positive mantra that fits your situation, like ‘I am capable of remarkable things’ or ‘I have overcome challenges in the past, and I can overcome them again.’

Repeat your mantra to yourself often, especially when a tense situation arises. You can even write your mantra on a sticky note and place it on your desk or save it as your phone background, so you see it often.

Leverage These Strategies To Align Your Mindset!

There will be moments when it might feel like it is easier to join the rest of the world and drown yourself in negativity.

Hopefully, though, you have seen that staying positive in a negative world is beneficial to your overall health, success, and happiness.

So, we suggest using these strategies to help you become more positive starting now!

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