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Paperless Printing Is The Intelligent Digital Transformation 2022 Needs Now

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introducing paperless printing with iCabinet and Konica Minolta Gauteng

Paperless printing is an intelligent document lifecycle management, cloud storage, and retrieval solution that Konica Minolta Gauteng is excited to introduce to all businesses looking to transform digitally and save on paper.

Yes, you read that correctly.

We are a winning brand in the printing industry that has found the perfect solution to bridge the gap between the digital and printing worlds. Paperless printing in the printing industry seems impossible, but the sky’s the limit with the launch of our intelligent system called iCabinet.

Printing remains an integral part of any business, so it is here to stay.

However, paperless printing will allow your business to expand its paper-saving capacity, reduce resources, speed up processes, make it easy to back-up data, and share surveys or invoices with customers.

Be the first to implement an efficient and effortless way to manage a filing cabinet that ensures your business processes run smoothly and holistically from anywhere in the world.

Why We Love Paperless Printing

It is nearly impossible for businesses to predict the actual costs of printing because so much goes into producing a single printed page. This includes the printer’s purchase (or lease) price, the cost of paper, ink cartridges, energy use, and the burden on your IT department.

In addition, there are environmental costs. Printing trends show that the average office worker generates roughly 10,000 sheets of paper each year. Yet 45% of printed documents end up in the trash the very same day (and 80% of the remaining sheets are never viewed again after being filed away).

introducing paperless printing with iCabinet and Konica Minolta Gauteng

Paperless printing will save businesses tons of money. Just think about all the paperwork that goes on in the front office of an organisation alone. Visitors may sign in, fill out forms, or ask for printed maps. Likewise, employees in reception may still photocopy identification documents, print out legal disclosures, and provide take-home documentation.

To be honest, a lot of this printing is unnecessary, especially at a time when Electronic Filing Cabinet Solutions digitise so much of this.

iCabinet Is The Transformation You Need

A paperless printing office provides a flexible and modern working practice to fit the remote working world we live in today.

Most businesses want to stay agile and mobile, moving offices when a better option arises. It is so much easier to transfer data digitally than to cart around reams of paper.

Digital storage makes it faster to retrieve documents and easier to back them up. Most office employees spend at least one day a week working remotely so being able to access documents in the cloud, or on the company server, makes their lives easier.

For international teams in different time zones, working in collaboration would be practically impossible if they relied on paper documentation. Yes, moving towards a paperless printing office means having to invest in more screens.

However, numerous academic studies show a rapid return on investment for a technology upgrade.

What Is iCabinet?

iCabinet is a paperless printing solution and a digital replica of your office filing cabinet. Just as you would file arch-lever binders in your filing cabinet, you can also store documents in the cloud with structure and organisation.

Better yet, you can scan or upload all documents to your digital filing cabinet on the iCabinet platform. Share, review or retrieve those documents at your convenience. Relax knowing your documents are stored and backed up. All this saves you time and money and you can contribute by going green with an innovative and safe paperless solution.

introducing paperless printing with iCabinet and Konica Minolta Gauteng

No matter what your company’s requirements are, we can tailor a paperless printing solution for you. From storing documents to allowing access to multiple viewers, the synchronicity of our document management solution makes your life all that much easier.

No fire, water, or paper shredding concerns because your documents are always safe!

Easy Access 24/7

Forgot your document while at a meeting? With paperless printing, there is no need to panic, and no rushed phone call to your secretary for assistance since access is available right away from your location.

Document management with iCabinet is seamless and works well for all organisations. Do not waste another minute on document management dealing with problems like version control, faxing, or misplaced documents.

Join iCabinet now and save on time and costs by focusing on your business.

11 Reasons To Strongly Consider Paperless Printing

Your digital transformation journey begins with finding partners that share your business goals for improved efficiency and cost-effective operations. At iCabinet, all phases of the document lifecycle are enhanced.

From simply storing files to allowing access to multiple viewers and secure document destruction, the iCabinet workflow makes your life that much easier.

1. Document Lifecycle Management

All phases of your business document lifecycle will be comprehensively enhanced.

The paperless printing experience provides digitisation through scanning, printing and copying, document intelligence, and the option of indexing and searchability using OCR technologies.

Also, get vast and secure storage capability with safety and privacy-compliant document destruction through shredding.

Contact iCabinet for a holistic paperless printing solution.

2. Cloud Storage & Retrieval

Store your documents using a simple cloud platform.

Securely store all your forms, reports, and documents in one centralised system.

Easily scan all your existing paperwork to our fully compliant servers and access your documents at your convenience from any web-connected device.

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introducing paperless printing with iCabinet and Konica Minolta Gauteng

3. Save Time

In business, time equals money. The average office employee spends up to one-third of their day on printing, filing, and searching for misfiled or lost documents.

By implementing paperless printing with iCabinet, your business eliminates time-killing paper processes and allows staff to be more productive.

Quick Facts

  • It takes 20-30 minutes on average every day to search for documents.
  • Up to 40% of total work time is spent handling documents.
  • Over 20% of productivity is lost from document handling.

4. Cut Costs

An average office of 100 employees goes through approximately 1 million sheets of paper per year. All that paper, if not trashed, ends up in storage spaces or filing rooms that can cost your business a fortune throughout the year.

iCabinet’s services allow your business to eliminate repeated paper-related tasks, saving you valuable time, money, and expensive office real estate.

Quick Facts

  • Printing requires an R1,200.00 annual cost of paper per office employee.
  • 1 – 3% of annual revenue is spent on printing costs.
  • It costs companies an annual amount of R2 Trillion for printed forms.
introducing paperless printing with iCabinet and Konica Minolta Gauteng

5. Go Green

The paper that is not filed away gets tossed in the bin. Up to 70% of office waste is from paper and failed print jobs. Moreover, 60-80% of ink cartridges end up in landfills.

As a socially responsible company, we feel it is essential to reduce the amount of waste that is destroying our forests and polluting our environment.

Paperless printing is cheaper, faster, and better for our planet.

Quick Facts

  • It requires 10,000 sheets of average annual printouts per employee.
  • Every ink cartridge takes 1,000 years to decompose.
  • 4 billion annual trees are chopped to make paper.

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6. Security

At iCabinet, the security of your data is our top priority.

High-level encryption, access/key management, and two-factor authentication are the mechanisms we use to ensure the safety of your information.

introducing paperless printing with iCabinet and Konica Minolta Gauteng

7. Backup

Hardware failures and theft are real concerns when storing sensitive information.

We mitigate these risks by incrementally backing up your data daily to our distributed Disaster Recovery (DR) sites.

8. Compliance

We are fully compliant with local regulations (POPI, FAIS, SARS).

9. SSL Certificate

All data is transmitted to and from our cloud environment with a secure 256-bit encrypted Secure Socket Layer (SSL) connection.

10. Password Encryption

All passwords are encrypted using leading iterative algorithms with random keys and salts and are stored as highly secure hashes in our database.

We also enforce account lockout and a strong password policy to help prevent brute-force and rainbow table attacks.

11. Audit Trails

iCabinet paperless printing is exhaustive in its strict logging requirements.

Every system transaction and exception on our platform (software or system level) is logged, and a full audit trail is easily retrievable at any time.

Peace Of Mind With Paperless Printing

It is exciting to work in a challenging environment, but it can be extremely stressful. That is also why reducing some of your stress by going paperless is an excellent solution.

Digital transformation in businesses can decrease clutter, provide seamless access to data and other assets, increase security, and reduce messy workflows which all make for a more peaceful workspace.

You can reduce the chaos of paperwork, and the fear of losing something important, eliminate errors and strengthen the security of your organisation.

iCabinet and paperless printing cannot get rid of all the stress of running a business, but they can make it much easier.

Create A Better Office With Paperless Printing

Switching to paperless printing does not have to be intimidating.

You do not have to implement changes all at once.

Even small reductions in day-to-day paper usage will start to uncover cost savings.

Start your journey towards paperless printing today and see how much it can benefit you! Contact iCabinet and our team will get you started!

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