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Smart Cloud Services With 6 Productive Benefits That Are As Flexible As Your Phone

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smart cloud services and connectors with Konica Minolta Gauteng

IT departments and businesses need smart cloud services. Why? Because we are facing an ever-increasing task complexity. This is a phenomenon that leads to inflated costs and binds IT resources that businesses need for innovation. However, you can outsource all or parts of your IT infrastructure management. Konica Minolta Gauteng can give you peace of mind, and more time and energy to focus on your business.

There is rapid development in online technology and increasingly complex demands from customers. This means we need to enhance productivity and connectivity for all our IoT devices. We are competing with the flexibility smartphones have today with once-unimaginable computing powers in the space of a few years.

Luckily, in simple steps, Smart Cloud Services allow your organisation to download an app that will tailor your smartphone to your organisation’s individual needs and efficiently manage your finances, edit photos, let you access cloud services, and more.

With Konica Minolta Gauteng, you will benefit from this newfound scope and flexibility in your personal life, and the world of business.

Smart Cloud Services That Instantly Connect You

Information management is becoming increasingly important, especially with the amount of information being passed around. Information is growing exponentially from document files to emails, to online materials, and invoices among others that accumulate into a massive data volume.

smart cloud services and connectors with Konica Minolta Gauteng

Unstructured information, which is often not classified is stored in various places. The main problem is usually missing consistent data infrastructure, creating time-consuming administration and non-secure processes.

However, you can optimise your information-relevant processes with Konica Minolta Gauteng’s smart cloud services known as our suite of Managed Content Services (MCS).

Hybrid Workflow Connectivity

The workplace is changing as we speak, and more businesses are entering into hybrid setups using smart cloud services. Therefore, it is important that you make the most out of your investment by making the transition to digital as easy and efficient as possible.

Offsetting connectivity is simple when using our hybrid workflow connectivity combined with in-production flexibility, which allows you to use both your digital and offset equipment all within a single interface.

Over the years, commercial offset printers developed their workflows exclusively with offset printing in mind. However, when digital printing devices were introduced to the production mix, the offset firms found workflow requirements were different and therefore managed the flows separately.

smart cloud services and connectors with Konica Minolta Gauteng

But now customer demand and needs have changed.

There is a need to print the same work in both offset and digital. To reduce costs, errors, and re-runs and provide a strategy to meet the ever-changing demands of the market, a hybrid workflow using smart cloud services emerged.

How Can You Connect These Two Worlds: Litho And Digital?

The first thing to remember is that while digital and offset print workflows are distinct, they can be made to complement one another. Today’s hybrid workflows give you the best of both worlds – at your fingertips.

Better yet, a hybrid workflow using smart cloud services allows a single pre-press operator to manage and control different devices from a single station. You use a single workflow process supporting both offset and digital output options, providing greater colour consistency, content reliability, faster production time, and fewer errors with the help of automated workflows. 

Since jobs are being processed by the same RIP, you will maintain output integrity across different devices. The pre-flight engine on offset workflow also eliminates issues and potential problems with PDF files.

Imposition can be managed and automated for both digital and offset, thereby optimising pre-press and make-ready time.

Embrace The Benefits Of Cloud Tech

We suggest using smart cloud services to your advantage. Konica Minolta Gauteng offers your company applications and connectors for its devices that will meet every one of your needs.

All you need do is deploy apps to your devices, regardless of location, to enjoy the benefits of cloud technology that requires neither extensive maintenance nor additional infrastructure. Resolute SmartCloud apps can run either directly on the device or in the cloud, saving you time, effort and money.

smart cloud services and connectors with Konica Minolta Gauteng

The Different Software Options

Workplace Hub

Workplace Hub gives your company a competitive advantage because you will have the freedom and flexibility to add the functionality your business requires.

You will also be able to work in an easy, secure way adjusting technology to your workflow as you go by choosing applications for your Workplace Hub tailored specifically to your needs. Konica Minolta Gauteng’s smart cloud services also let you manage any licensing and installation issues.

Konica Minolta MarketPlace

Konica Minolta MarketPlace provides an effortless way to browse, purchase, and download apps designed specifically for your MFP system.

Like mobile devices, but specifically for the business needs of our customers. You can access the apps available here directly from the MFP control panel.

You can view a company announcement, access a library of forms/templates, and scan to and download Microsoft SharePoint. Do all of this while maintaining the optimal workflow you can rely on with Konica Minolta Gauteng.

Installation, Configuration Service & User Training

If you think your company might benefit from Konica Minolta Gauteng’s smart cloud services, our resolute team will guide you through the process of AD, LDAP, or server connection setup, as well as installing the apps. Contact us for support.

smart cloud services and connectors with Konica Minolta Gauteng

You will receive professional user training in how to distribute and maintain your applications and services. The support we offer is clear and easy to understand.

Before long, you will wonder how you ever worked without your apps and smart cloud services!

Six Productive Benefits Of Smart Cloud Services

Manage all your campaigns in one portal

Allows central management of all your devices.

Mobility feature icon

Connected with popular cloud technologies.

Quality feature icon

Provides extra functionalities.

Customization feature icon

Tailored to your specific needs.

Usability feature icon

Updated automatically free of charge.

Technology feature icon

Secure and flexible.

Amazing Functionality & Productivity For Your Business

Smart cloud services are not a “one-size-fits-all” solution which is why we tailor the setup to your business’s specific requirements. Doing this will give you the key to massively-increased productivity. Konica Minolta Gauteng’s smart cloud services offer everything a modern, fast-developing company could possibly need, in a smart, instant, and flexible solution. 

With our IaaS (“Infrastructure as a Service”) cloud servers, your business gains access to advanced server technologies without purchasing the hardware and software. Any time your organisation needs a new cloud server, we can quickly deploy one that is customised to meet your specified needs. 

Our flexible IaaS service delivery model allows for custom server configurations, standard cloud backup service with 14-day retention, optional direct network connections, variable licensing models, as well as management and implementation services to wrap it all together.

There is no need to invest in sophisticated software since all our applications are clear and easy to use, enhancing your device’s capabilities exactly as you need them. 

You simply tailor it to your own corporate workflow to increase productivity significantly.

Always stay up-to-date with popular cloud services, including:

  • OneDrive for Business,
  • SharePoint Online,
  • Google Drive,
  • Dropbox and others.

Centralised management of all your IoT instances saves you the time and effort required to configure every single device manually and bring all your work together in one place, regardless of your location.

Ready to take a step forward and start using modern smart cloud services? Konica Minolta Gauteng is here to help.

If you are not sure which application or service will work best for you, streamline your workflow and help you save money, just contact one of our experts today! We are happy to address all the issues involved and suggest the perfect solution for your business needs.

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